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Recent Book Reviews

“Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.’s credentials automatically give him a sort of literary insurance that he knows of what he speaks. While one would expect nothing less of an author wishing to be taken seriously in this nonfiction subcategory, these days words like credentials, experience, and informed have a special value. Travis doesn’t spare the rod with his audience, he expects the hypothetical reader to fully comprehend educated terms and worldly statistical analyses and presentations. But the ultimate crux of what he is advocating for within the read is something universal, and that requires no educational or certain literary certification. The word and concept itself is – Trust. Something has broken down in the system between modern-day school leaders…” [Continue Reading on GoodReads]

“It has been said that the only thing constant on the educational landscape is change. Today’s school leaders, charged with building the bridge to continuous school improvement, must look beyond outcomes like test scores and focus on the many factors that contribute to them. Dr. Travis’s book provides an excellent framework for doing just that! Using the analogy of the components of a bridge, he expertly defines the critical roles and functions necessary to affect positive change. Universities with school leadership programs would be wise to adopt this book.” [Read more on Amazon]