Building Trust in a Climate ofConstant Change

Two significant challenges exist for leaders in maintaining the trust of their employees. One is the reality of the old saying, “The only constant is change.” The second is effective performance management in the midst of constant change.

For example, in the international school setting, where schools experience a high percentage of staff turnover, the best way to address the challenge is to approach and embrace change — not as an unfortunate reality but as an opportunity and intentional strategy for organizational growth. In this way, the reality of annual high turnover rates can be viewed as an opportunity for intentional change.

All too often, assumptions related to change are negative. If leaders flip the mindset of those assumptions, the benefits to their organizations are potentially immense. Change is a core element of healthy schools, businesses, and any organization for that matter. If companies aren’t in constant flux, they grow stagnant and less competent and fall short in meeting continual improvement expectations. Leaders must continually seek how to do what their school, business, or organization does better, which involves constant change… [Continue Reading on CEOWorld Magazine]