If Trust Is A Bridge, Here’s Why Employees Aren’t Crossing It

Everywhere you look, staffing challenges abound—as do the theories as to why more people aren’t heading back to the workforce. While many factors are at play, we may be overlooking one simple yet profound reason: broken trust.

Where has trust been broken? Dr. Toby A. Travis, author of the new book TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement, believes that many people are hesitant to reenter the workforce because they don’t trust the company to look out for them. “Workers have a high level of suspicion that employers won’t be equitable or protect them,” says Dr. Travis.

Without trust, workers have little loyalty or motivation to push through temporarily tough conditions. On the other hand, employees who trust their company believe that management is working for their benefit to mitigate any current challenges and that ultimately, things will get better.

“Trust is like a bridge,” says Dr. Travis. “If we perceive a well-maintained bridge, we may not consciously consider potential instability during our morning commute. But if the bridge develops potholes and has frequent lane closures due to repairs, we may no longer trust it as we once did.” 

Dr. Travis points to four key areas where trust has been broken in many workplaces: excessive workloads, long hours, burnout and anxiety… [Continue Reading on Forbes]

TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement