The Most Important Data to Inform School Improvement

A valued report by the American Association of School Administrators identifies the value of data-informed school improvement. The report articulates how data help with the following:

  • Measure student progress
  • Make sure students don’t fall through the cracks
  • Measure program effectiveness
  • Assess instructional effectiveness
  • Guide curriculum development
  • Allocate resources wisely
  • Promote accountability
  • Report to the community
  • Meet state and federal reporting requirements
  • Maintain educational focus

However, note what is NOT listed… SCHOOL LEADERSHIP. Additional research reveals that none of the above school improvement initiatives are successful without the #1 indicator of school success in place, which is “trusted school leadership.”

The level of trusted leadership is the most important data point to inform and drive school improvement.

This video introduces the TrustED framework for informing and guiding school improvement through the intentional and individualized development of school leaders.

TrustED, the framework, the assessments, the tools, and the training and coaching services are all evidence-based and research-validated. All are integrated to support intentional, meaningful, authentic, and measurable school improvement based on the single most important data point… TRUSTED SCHOOL LEADERSHIP.

Overview of the TrustED Framework for School Improvement

Whether schools utilize the TrustED framework or another assessment resource to provide data to inform the ongoing development and improvement of trust levels in their leaders, this data point remains the most vital for sustainable growth. Schools that fail to assess the trust level of their leaders, invest in the ongoing personal and professional growth of their leaders, and develop action plans to ensure school improvement through the development of their leaders, will always fall short in their pursuit of authentic mission fulfillment.

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