Calibrating The Organization To The Mission 

An organization’s structure can either support growth, development, and success or stifle creativity, advancement, and innovation. A structure that supports high levels of trust focuses on supporting the mission and keeping it central to every decision made and every position held.

Every role should pursue the same goals and outcomes — from board member to custodian — working together to realize those goals. When this happens consistently among the entire community, a firm foundation is established, where trusted leadership is built or elevated.

Leaders must ensure that every member of their organization knows the top priorities concerning their organizational mission and goals, and individually calibrate all they do to reflect those priorities. In essence, every member of the staff must “keep the main thing the main thing.”

Research has shown that one of the fundamental indicators marking trusted leaders is the effective management of people, programs, and resources to meet foundational objectives through shared core values… [Continue Reading on]

TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement