Pleasing Customers Or Protecting Employees—What’s More Important In Your Organization?

“Employers need to look to the future by how they are treating and supporting their employees in the present.”

By Mark C. Perna, Forbes Contributor

Employers will often bend over backwards to meet the needs of their clientele—but tend to display much less flexibility when it comes to their employees. If it’s a question of pleasing the customer or protecting the employee, the vast majority of companies will almost invariably choose the former. After all, the customer’s always right—right?

Not anymore. The pandemic gave us all pause to rethink what we want out of our lives and careers. Many employees concluded that the old way of doing things isn’t good enough anymore. Workers, especially those in younger generations, want more flexibility, more autonomy and yes, more protection from adverse working conditions.

And if they don’t get it, they’re out—and not coming back.

Author Dr. Toby A. Travis, who sees the current workforce crisis as a trust issue, believes that many people aren’t in a hurry to return to work because they feel that their needs will be trampled in the mad rush to serve the customer. “Valuing customers or clients over employees breeds a lack of trust,” says Dr. Travis.

Consistent feelings of being undervalued and even downtrodden are in turn fostering the rise of the “rage quit,” a term that originated to describe a player exiting a game in frustration, but has now broadened to include stomping out on the job.

With the record talent shortage plaguing America’s businesses, it’s clear that something needs to change. And it starts with an organization-wide paradigm shift. [Continue reading on Forbes]