Is Your School Securing Valid Data to Inform Leader Development and School Improvement?

Is your school securing valid data to inform school leader development?

For many around the world, the 2021-2022 school year is coming to a close. This is the perfect time to schedule the TrustED School Leader 360 (TSL360) to secure valuable data for school improvement through your leadership team’s personal and professional development (download prospectus).

The TSL360 is the research-based school leadership assessment tool referenced in “TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement” (recently featured in The Knowledge Review, eSchool News, Forbes, etc.).

The insights gained from this assessment have been described as “the most important data to inform school improvement initiatives.” In addition, the data captured from the TSL360 is an excellent tool for developing a profile for potential new hires at the leadership level. (Read what other school leaders are saying).

To schedule the TSL360, complete the school information form for SchoolRIGHT, LLC.

The survey tool is currently available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Other languages may be available upon request.

Note that the TrustED Self-Assessments for administrators, school leaders, and teachers are always available at NO COST.

And if you have not yet secured copies of the book for your team, be sure to check out the ongoing special offer.

In addition, copies are always available on Amazon (currently at a discounted price).

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