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Named “Book of the Month” (November 2021) and Nominated “Book of the Year” (2021) by The Magic Pen

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“Dr. Travis is one of the best communicators in the country…The entire book is full of nuggets of wisdom…Trust is essential to build and maintain a thriving school/organization. Without Trust (as demonstrated by the bridge metaphor), any weak link and/or low level of Trust jeopardizes the entire organization. Well done, Dr. Travis!” – Joe Bradley  [Read More on Amazon]

“Few, regardless of their political stance, would argue that American schools are more fractious than ever before but where Travis and others may differ is the former hasn’t abandoned all hope. In the end, whatever you may think of his ideas, Travis communicates his passionate concern for our educational experiences throughout TrustED… It’s never a strident nor preachy volume. Travis has missionary zeal, there’s no doubt of that, but it’s conspiratorial rather than adversarial – he wants to enlist you in this movement rather than belaboring why you are wrong for not yet swearing allegiance. Dr. Travis’ TrustED – The Bridge to School Improvement is the definitive roadmap for his program and will remain relevant for many years to come.” – Jason Hillenburg  [Read More on Goodreads]

“Travis has his opinions, and isn’t shy about hiding them. But the book doesn’t address the more alienating aspects of the school-community educational relationship. It’s about healing the hypothetical rifts that can occur when there isn’t a stable, healthy, succinct communication between leaders in the education pyramid, and the communities with which they have been appointed to represent and boost… He walks a fine line between a personable, literary delivery and intentionally avoids any potentially inflammatory arguments. Because the focus never deviates from the immediacy of Travis’s points, one comes away from the read with a succinct and fully fleshed philosophy drilled into their head. There’s no room for distraction with respect to political points or pointing the proverbial finger of blame. That’s to be seriously commended.” – Colin Jordan  [Read More on Medium]

“By making everything covered in the book non-political, and simply a mixture of the professionally observed and a bastion of the common sense, Travis takes a charged issue and actually cuts a path forward. Something that people on both sides of the aisle, on both sides of the school debate, can respond positively to. It’s not an easy thing to do, and worth a tip of the hat for that quality all by itself. But Travis doesn’t stop there. At the end of the day, the clarity of TrustED’s message is matched by its near-zealous attention to detail. Travis leaves no proverbial stone unturned, no argument unjustified by logic, facts, and wholly educated opinion. The result is a read where you feel you’re not only listening to someone knowledgable about what they’re speaking about, but that you’re in good hands.” – Garth Thomas [Read More on Hollywood Digest]

“Travis makes the reader feel genuinely empowered, part of this due to his avoidance of excess flowery word choice, or wandering into more ideologically tangential waters. The book is first and foremost a study of how to institute the kind of trust he swears by, a lot of it boiling down to a certain personal responsibility, corporate philosophy, and adherence to development psychology… It’s a decidedly holistic touch to something that easily could have been a drier, more pedestrian kind of reading experience. But Travis knows storytelling ingredients, even in the nonfiction subcategory of leadership advice, are always the best policies for presentation. Things are communicated to the reader in clear and concise terms, but with a muted panache that keeps the more emotional side of the reader’s intellect engaged.” – Cyrus Rhodes  [Read More on The Magic Pen]

Introduction and Overview of the TrustED Framework to School Improvement

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