Vista Seminars

Dr. Travis is an Executive Consultant with the Global School Consulting Group, which services Christian schools around the world.


The VISTA Seminars were developed as a ministry and professional development opportunity for developing a Christian Worldview and Biblical Knowledge through a partnership between the Alliance Academy International, HCJB Global (now Reach Beyond), and the Association of Christian Schools International.

Co-founded in 2010 by Graham Bulmer (former Regional Director of HCJB Global Latin America) and Dr. Toby Travis (former Academic Director of the Alliance Academy International); they co-authored most of the VISTA Seminar curriculum, and they frequently appeared as co-presenters of the seminars when they both resided in Quito, Ecuador. Today, the seminars are available to Christian schools worldwide via either in-person or virtual sessions.

Rev. Graham Bulmer and Dr. Toby A. Travis

Core Values & Beliefs

  • All truth is God’s truth (a holistic, monotheistic Christian worldview)
  • Quality Deliverables (resulting in a positive perception of Christian thinking)
  • Open Analysis & Dialogue (broad in perspective, critical in nature, and established in the essentials of Divine Revelation)
  • Missional (intentional in cultural sensitivity and – thus “needs” sensitive)


The VISTA Seminars provide learning opportunities throughout the school year that assist participants with developing in their spiritual maturity, expanding their knowledge of the Bible as well as exposing them to theological concepts and disciplines. The program also serves to orient followers of Jesus Christ toward a Christian worldview.

All VISTA seminars meet the standards of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as official Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and may be applied as a credit toward ACSI, serving as a source of Professional Development for Christian Educators and Ministry Leaders.

Seminar Titles

  • Answers to Hard Questions: Introduction to Biblical Apologetics
  • Denominational History & Comparisons: How Did We Get In This Mess?
  • Developing a Biblical Worldview
  • Faith Integration in the Classroom
  • Four Christian Views of Hell
  • Four Christian Views of the End Times
  • Friendship Evangelism: Reaching the World One Relationship at a Time
  • God for Dummies: A Study in Genesis Chapters 1-11
  • James: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide
  • Revealing the Secrets of Ancient Documents
  • Spiritual Formation & Warfare
  • Theology 101: Introduction to Basic Christian Doctrines
  • Theology of the Supernatural
  • Understanding the Parables of the Bible …Context is everything!
  • Wisdom Literature
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Vista Seminars – A Spiritual Formation