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Dr. Travis is available each year to work alongside a limited number of school, business, and corporate leaders as a personal coach and adjunct to their  Leadership Team. 

ROI (Return on Investment): Leaders receive personalized assistance in the development of a long term culture of trust, marked by stronger relationships with their employees, as well as with all stakeholders of the organization; and to realize visible and measurable fulfillment of the organization’s unique mission.

Overview: TrustED Executive Coaching is based on the “Triple-A” model of Assess, Architect & Act to address the leader’s unique challenges and provide meaningful and practical steps toward solving complex trust-related and organizational improvement issues.

Coaching Cycles: With a firm belief that short-term improvement goals are the most effective in driving and supporting long-lasting and sustainable improvement, Coaching Cycles are limited to seven (7) weeks at a time.

Additional Beneftis & Services

Leaders may also take advantage of the following additional benefits and services:

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To request more information about TrustED Executive Coaching, contact Dr. Travis HERE.

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